January 21, 2013


We picked up a few things at our local health food store on Saturday. Other than the CSA, it's where we get most of our groceries these days. Hubby's a bit out of his element there, as he's just beginning to get his feet wet in this arena.  I picked up my Electric Lemonade (Kale, Apple & Lemon) from the cafe, while he went through the checkout line.  In the car he informed me the male cashier said our produce bags look like something his grandmother would have made.  Giggling now.

Nana (my grandmother) and Aunt Clara live in assisted living not too far from our home.  They married brothers many years ago.  Today they find themselves living under the same roof with seventy-some others and a beautiful retriever named Rusty.  Our visit this morning was a short one due to lots of interest in the inauguration that was playing on the big screen television.  Nana (she's the one in red) turned ninety-six last week.

Trying beet kraut for the first time today and really liking it.  It's fermented and packaged by a young couple in our area.  Mustering up the courage to begin making my own.