January 24, 2013

It Looks Cold Out There

Just a dusting and we're all acting as if it's a full-fledged snow day around here.  The kitties gravitated to the warmest spots in the house, and an unmade bed always seems to be at the top of Butterscotch's list.  I guess I wasn't quick enough with my morning chores.  I'm in snow day mode too.

Mollie's the smaller of our two cats and she seems to have trouble staying warm in wintertime.  Hubby gifted her (Butterscotch got one too) with a heated bed for Christmas and that's exactly where you'll find her at any given moment.  She had no interest until we put it on top of my cutting table.  Given the choice, the girls in this house always choose the sewing room.

Our monthly CSA pickup is scheduled for tomorrow so I emptied the veggie bins to make room for new.  With only a bit of chopping, three mason jars were magically transformed into colorful fermentation vessels.  Now they'll sit at room temperature while the beneficial bacteria do their thing.  This is all new to me, but I must tell you it's very exciting stuff.  I tend to over research before diving into something and there were no exceptions here.  Wild Fermentation, Whole Life Nutrition Kitchen, and Nourishing Traditions are wonderful resources should you feel inclined to learn more.