January 13, 2012

Reorganizing :: It Feels Good

It seemed like a good day to reorganize.  So that's what I did.  

This is our medicine cabinet.  It has a full length mirror on the outside and lots of glass shelves on the inside.  Since we have pedestal sinks, all of our daily necessities call this medicine cabinet home.

Things had gotten a little out of control in here.  A growing number of products we weren't I wasn't using anymore were taking up space, and it just felt unpleasant.  I weeded out, and then gathered up an assortment of pretty thrifted trays and dishes.  

Hubby has two shelves and I have...more than two.  We don't agree on toothpaste (tea tree oil's not his thing) so he got his own dental hygiene tray.  The big plastic bottle of mouthwash wasn't doing it for me, so into the mason jar it went.  I'm not sure he'll like this arrangement.  Do you think he'll forgive me when he sees the lipstick love note?

Reorganizing :: It sure feels good.

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  1. Your medicine cabinet looks so pretty inside!Love that it is so long. We have been doing a little re-organizing ourselves but with toys. I am feeling very closed in. Must be the cold weather.


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