November 22, 2011

Diamonds Are Overrated

A few weeks ago two large rolls of fabric were delivered to my door.  It was a birthday gift from hubby :: one that was definitely thoughtful and heartfelt.  You see, two years ago I hung these sample cards on my design wall.  I got them in New York at one of my favorite stores.  I buy a few yards at a time, whenever I'm lucky enough to travel into the city.  They're like precious jewels to me, much better than diamonds and pearls.

What's so special about this gift is that hubby notices.  He notices the joy I get from creating.  He pays attention to my interests.  He pauses his television show to look at the project I just can't wait to share with him.  He searched through old blog posts to learn the exact weight of linen I use most often.  He called the store and ordered one yard of every color.

I'm well aware that this fabric really isn't the gift at all.  I'm already thoroughly enjoying it (the sorting, laundering and folding) but the true gift is the love that's behind it.

Diamonds are overrated.  I'm a "material" girl.   :)