November 8, 2011

What's New And Good?

I love that question.  It redirects negative conversation and opens the door to positivity. Funny how something so simple can change the tone of an interaction and bring about a smile.  So here's what's been new and good with me.

Witnessing the beauty of an unusual October snowfall in the early morning hours with hubby by my side.  That's new and good.

Spending a fun afternoon in the sewing room creating a Three Bears' Sleeping Bag. That's new and good too.

Celebrating yet another year on this earth and sharing birthday meals and visits with friends and family.  Now that's definitely new and good.

This photo deserves a post of it's own...another day.

Traveling to New York for a school convention and a little play time too.  New and good without a doubt.

Our weekend coincided with the NYC marathon.  Geoffrey Mutai was the top finisher with a time of 2:05:05.  Not only is that new and good :: it's astonishing.  What's new and good with you?