September 21, 2011

Girls' Weekend

I just returned from an annual girls' weekend.  It's a tradition my friend Dawn and I began a few years ago and one that we thoroughly enjoy.  This year was a little different. We combined our girls' weekend with a school convention that was happening in New York City.

We stayed :: at this hotel.  It couldn't have been nicer.  Let's just say my friend and I are a tad squeamish when it comes to hotels and cleanliness.  There may or may not have been squeals of excitement when we laid eyes on our lovely room.

We ate :: whatever we wanted and didn't feel guilty, not one little bit.  It's part of girls' weekend you know.  

We walked :: for hours on end, proving to ourselves that we could navigate the city (we're both a little challenged when it comes to reading maps) and taking in the beauty that's so different from our world at home.

We listened :: to inspiring words from Joel Fuhrman, David Katz, Mark Hyman, Sally Fallon, and Deepak Chopra.

One of us :: was over-the-top excited about the L'occitane products supplied each day at the hotel.  

And the other :: was in her glory here, browsing the 182 Liberty of London prints and coming home with a few in her bag.  That was me, in case you didn't know.