March 11, 2011

Planning to Plan

It's the weekend and Hubby's on his way home.  There's nothing on the calendar for the next two days (LOVE that) so we'll spend quality time together and take care of a few little things around the house.

There's a chalkboard in our mudroom that we use to write love notes and such.  Right now it displays our weekend to-do list.  I'm a planner.  Sometimes I even plan to plan.  We might be in the car running errands and I'll say, "When we get home, let's make a list of....".  That's planning to plan.  Do you do that?

My mom and I spent the day together and she gave me some treasures from her basement.  I'm soaking this one :: it's been loved for many years and needs a little sprucing up.  A mixture of hot water, natural dish soap, and OxiClean usually does the trick.

So this weekend we'll get started on the taxes.  We usually wait until the last minute and then it feels kind of dreadful.  This year we'll do better.  Also, we've been wanting to re-do our front garden bed so we'll spend some time choosing plants.  A trip to the book store and a cup of coffee will surely be in order.  All work and no play is woeful so we'll have a little fun too.  I made the chocolate mousse recipe again, this time adding little chunks of chocolate throughout for a bit of crunch.  Hubby says this recipe is restaurant quality.  Maybe eating these falls under the "have a little fun" category.  

Today I'm Smiling...
because my mom and I share like interests and have fun discussing them.