November 18, 2010

Wardrobe Refashion :: 1

I've been collecting buttons for a few years now.  Some are old, some are new and some were given to me by those who know me well.  These buttons live in glass mason jars in my studio and they're like little rays of sunshine that sit upon the shelf.

Not too long ago I spent a Saturday morning browsing through my favorite thrift shops and picked up this very basic black sweater.  It's of medium quality, and it's a nice basic piece. I didn't particularly care for the satin buttons but as I pondered over it, visions of my button jars were dancing through my head.

With a few minutes to spare before bed last night, I snipped those satin buttons and replaced them with this very fun piece I got in NYC at Mood.

I love how this simple little button gave new pizazz to a recycled garment.  This literally took two minutes to do and it really makes me smile.  The skirt was thrifted too.

A wardrobe refashion of the very simplest kind :)