May 13, 2010


Our son and his very cute fiance (yes, we have a newly engaged couple in our family) were out of town on Mother's Day weekend. It didn't bother me a bit, you see, we have the gift of a very special relationship. I don't ever take for granted that he calls me most every day, or that he asks for my opinion from time to time. At twenty-three, he's responsible and grounded. He's respectful and considerate. He has dreams and goals. I'm not big on celebrating the Mother's Day that's marked on the calendar. In my heart I celebrate it every day. So last weekend, in the early morning, I snipped some peonies from our garden and took them to my mom. And then hubby and I spent the day at home catching up on little things around the house. Hubby surprised me with this clock :: a special gift for Mother's Day. It's something I admired, and he remembered. He's nice like that, and very thoughtful.