May 6, 2010

It Happened Overnight

Last May, we received two boxes full of gorgeous plants from a mail-0rder company called Graceful Gardens. Included in our order were four Poppy plants. The Poppies didn't bloom during our growing season last year but they're definitely making up for it now. I checked the garden before bed last night and all of the buds were still completely closed. I could hardly believe my eyes this morning.
We have a flower!! It almost looks artificial :: like it was made from crepe paper, doesn't it?
I adore the color and how it almost glows. We've never grown Poppies before so this is all very new and exciting to me.Happy Thursday!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm in love with your garden. I should go check my poppies to see if they've popped open.

  2. It does look like paper! Beautiful!!


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