May 4, 2009

Christmas In May

Look what the UPS man delivered! Two flats of perennials from a great little company in Mecklenburg, New York called Graceful Gardens. Everything arrived in perfect condition which is amazing to me since the plants are smooshed into a box, sealed shut, and shuffled around from place to place.

I ordered the Cottage Garden Sampler and the Sunny Side of Life Collection and will be planting them in the potager garden. This is my second time ordering from Graceful Gardens (once long ago in our previous home) and I've been delighted with their plants. The collections are wonderful because they take the guesswork out of the selection process for novice gardeners like me.

For now, the plants are still in the pots soaking up the rain but as soon as there's a little break in the weather I'll be outside putting them in their proper places.

We can hardly wait!