May 27, 2010

Retreat From The Heat

Whew! It's a hot one today. The plan was to work in the garden during the early morning hours, but after a little weeding and deadheading it was time for Plan B. (First bloom on the sugar snap pea plant)

Plan B was to finish the quilt top :: it's done!! I'll leave it hanging on the design wall for a bit while I ponder the finishing touches. The quilting always stumps me a little. While I yearn to be a hand quilter someday, I'm not quite there yet. This will be quilted on my home sewing machine and right now I'm envisioning lots of straight lines.
For the block below, I used this pattern courtesy of Quilt Magazine. You can download the PDF for cutting and piecing instructions. If you're inclined to try it out, notice that there is an error in the cutting directions. The 4 1/2" center square should be labeled "E".
You can find 89 or so more stash-busting patterns here. And, they're all free!!


  1. Beautiful quilt top. I have used another site that also has an extensive list of free patterns:
    I need to get back into quilting.

  2. Your piecing is fantastic...what perfect points!!! That is going to be a stunning quilt. Don't worry about finishing it too soon...sounds like it's too hot for using quilts where you are!! Enjoy your hazy summer days!


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