March 23, 2010

Fancy Purses and Little Dreams

Thrifting has become a once-a-month or so treat for me in the last few months.  Whether or not I come home with treasures doesn’t really matter :: I just love the whole experience.  Time seems to slow down as I’m browsing through the shelves and racks of once-loved items.  And sometimes, something speaks to me. 


This vintage Town & Country ostrich leather purse was one of those things.  It’s from the 1960’s, I think.  This fancy purse fits right in with the other accessories in my guest room.  I love it when that happens.

MarchThrifting5 And how sweet is this dresser scarf?  The handwork is beautiful and so cheery for spring.

MarchThrifting3 Another vintage sheet, from the 70’s I’d say, and a linen doily also found their way home with me.  Hmmmm… sure would be fun to have a little vintage Etsy shop.  Did I just say that out loud? 

Girls and their little dreams.