March 25, 2010

Day One in the Potager Garden

Refreshment_r Armed with iced-cold refreshments, hubby and I took full advantage of the unusually warm weather last weekend.  At our house, it’s always a team effort to maintain the yard and gardens.  One of the team members shies away from tools that require electricity or gasoline, and thankfully that works out just fine.

Matthew'sShovel One of my favorite garden tools is this little turquoise shovel that belonged to our son when he was young.  It happens to be the perfect size for me :: just right for digging up perennials that might like to hang out in a different part of the garden.

ThymeCleanup The focus in the potager garden was to clean up the thyme hedge (electric trimmers needed for this job) and to relocate the strawberry patch.  See how hubby’s straddling the bed?  That’s what I had to do last year when I picked strawberries.  Not a pretty sight.  The perimeter beds are a little too deep for comfortable picking, so the strawberries were moved to one of the inner quadrants.  Here’s where they used to be:

RemovedStrawberries  And this is where they are now:

   StrawberryBedThe quadrants are 4’x8’ :: just right for reaching in from either side without stepping into the bed.  We have two varieties of strawberries, June Bearing and Ever Bearing.  You can learn more about them here

OpenWindow Day one of spring gardening was productive and satisfying.  Day two involved some lettuce, cabbage, spinach and Johnny-Jump-Ups.  More about that later. 

Day1Progress Pretty soon this space will provide us with nourishing meals and an abundance of color.  Until then, a little memory from last year’s harvest:

Strawberry Definitely worth the wait :)