March 27, 2010

Sunshine In A Vase

Tulips and Sunlight 1

How is it that a little vase of pink tulips can change the tone of a day?  It wasn’t going to be a bad day :: just a day of monotonous cleaning when I was really thinking about sewing.

Tulips and Sunlight 3_r

These lovely blooms made me smile….and then somehow the dust wasn’t as daunting…and I started fiddling, freshening things up for spring.

Tulips and Sunlight 4

Just tiny little changes.  The cheery yellow vase came out of the cabinet and the vintage planters were moved around a bit.  There’s a table in front of the window now that was borrowed from another room.  The cleaning still got done (well, sort of).  And those pink tulips?  Oh my, they absolutely made for a bright and sunny, extra special day.

Tulips and Sunlight 5

Wishing you a day filled with flowers and sunshine.

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  1. I love your fireplace and would love to see more pictures of it. We are going to be installing a stone fireplace in our home shortly and would LOVE to show our contractor more pictures of your fireplace and mantle.


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