March 20, 2010

And So It Begins


I picked up a copy of Better Homes and Gardens “Beds & Borders” magazine at our local bookstore last weekend.  There’s a section on combining veggies and flowers :: just what I was hoping to do this year.  I love the idea of snipping salad greens an hour before dinner, and throwing in some fresh herbs and edible flowers too.  That’s what I’ll be striving for this season.  With the exception of a few tomato plants over the years, the veggie part is all new to me. 


Today we’ll be continuing the winter cleanup and doing some soil testing within the potager garden.  The Johnny-Jump-Ups and lettuce are ready to be planted :: the first to go in the ground this season.  I’ve always taken the “throw it in and hope it grows” approach.  This year, with the help of a nice collection of resources, I’m hoping to become a little more educated.  I’ll share what I’m learning and document our successes and failures opportunities for improvement if you’re interested.  Anyone out there interested in learning with me?