January 29, 2010

Fiddling Again

I'm fiddling again. It all started with this: While straightening up a bit I decided to clean this very charming thrift find that's been sitting in my mud room. Out came the Trader Joe's Cedarwood & Sage spray cleaner and a brand new toothbrush :: spiffy clean. One thing led to another and I couldn't resist getting it situated in it's new home. Isn't that great? We always needed a little vintage reading lamp in the guest room. And then I noticed that the table next to the bed needed some sprucing up so I started scouring the house to find just the right pieces. The colors make me smile :: so cheerful. I turned around to leave the room and saw a big old empty spot on the wall so I hung a few plates (also from a recent thrift run). Much better.
Nothing is ever permanent in our home. Part of the fun is keeping things fresh and "new". I'm finished fiddling for today though. There's laundry and vacuuming to do and some special bread to make before hubby returns home from his business trip this evening. I don't make this bread very often because it's real honest-to-goodness homemade. I'm not super comfortable with the whole kneading and rising thing, but it's his favorite (honey wheat), we're celebrating our twentieth wedding anniversary this weekend, and this man deserves his favorite bread. Be back soon to share.

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  1. Congratulations on the 20 years! Love your sense of style!


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