May 27, 2009


I love to move things around in my house and add new treasures to change it up a bit. The "new" things are mostly thrifted items that I've picked up here and there. It's not so much about the look, it's more about the feel. I'm very affected by my surroundings. Time slips away when I'm fiddling :: hours seem like minutes. Hubby and I chuckle about it (he's a good sport). He never knows what's going to happen while he's at work. Here's the end result of a little fiddling I did in the Great Room last week. There's too much glare on the glass to take a photo straight on so this view is from an angle and looks a little wonky. You get the idea though. The glare comes from this big window that's directly across the room. As you can see, the kitties love to lounge on the deck where they can be outside but still see what's going on inside. This little planter came from a flea market shop nearby and now lives on the coffee table. And here's a small bouquet that I put together using snippings from the yard. As most of my flowers do, this sits high atop the built-in cabinet safe from the furry creatures who live here.
Do you like to fiddle with your house too?