December 8, 2009

Travel Tidbits

In case you've never had the pleasure of meandering through the garment district in NYC, here are just a few tidbits from my recent trip. First Stop :: Gray Line Linen. This store is packed with bolts of every kind of linen imaginable. I left with two sample cards (just in case I need to do an online order in the future) and a small stack of fabric. This photo happened just after laundering. It's taunting me. I chose three different types of linen. The open weave is very lightweight and might possibly become fancy "go green" produce bags. The "Judy" linen is medium weight and is great for all type of projects. In the past, I've used this fabric in pillows, table runners, and my sewing machine cover. The "Warsa" weight is a bit heavier and just perfect for handmade tea towels.
Second Stop :: Mood. Loaded with all kinds of gorgeous fabric and they also have a fantastic button selection. It was super fun to browse and I went home with two buttons (one vintage) and one flower accessory.
Third Stop :: M&J Trimmings. Buttons, buckles, cords, fringe, lace, ribbon, trims, etc., etc. If you can't find it here it probably doesn't exist.

Final Stop :: Tinsel TradingCompany. I snapped two pictures as we were running out the door. We were pressed for time here and this shop truly deserves to be savoured. I noticed that Wren's Nest recently visited Tinsel Trading too, and her photos are far superior to mine. Take a peek, you'll be glad you did. Anyway, I did find some lovely vintage grosgrain ribbon there and this shop is definitely on my list for the next time I visit.

Also on my list for next time is Purl . Oh, and maybe a show. So much to look forward to.


  1. Thanks for the wonderful pictures & kind words
    Tinsel Trading Co.

  2. Laura
    LOVE the linen snap. What color/number is the Judy linen?

  3. Linda ~

    The Judy linen that I purchased this time is number 15 on their swatch card. It's the bottom piece in the photo above (my laundered stack). It turns out to be a little darker than what I purchased last time I was there (the one I used for my sewing machine cover)but it's the closest they had. It's so much fun to use!! Happy Sewing :)


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