December 11, 2009

Tea Time

Today I'm going to a holiday luncheon that's being hosted by a good friend. I've known her less than two years, but she's one of those special people that you meet and feel immediately connected to. I decided to make a hostess gift using some of my new linen from Gray Line. I'm thinking she's busy in the kitchen this morning and not reading blogs, so I'm taking a chance and posting photos. This tea towel is made from off-white "Warsa" linen. It's very substantial yet has that nice floppy linen feel. The decorative strip is just five-inch scraps sewn together and then attached to the linen. Next time, I wouldn't put such a large piece in the center (the black medallion). It looks fine when the towel is laying flat, but when folded in thirds for hanging, the rest of the patchwork gets lost. That said, I'm happy with the outcome and will definitely make more of these. It felt good to spend time with my sewing machine and now, I think it's tea time.

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