December 31, 2008

Happy New Year and A Little About My Sewing Room

The sewing room is one of my favorite places to be. It's a cozy room in the back of the house overlooking the garden. It's filled with a nice little collection of fabric and thrifted linens, and projects in all different stages of completion. There's something about being in this room that is so soothing and comforting. Just me and my sewing machine (I haven't named her yet as some of you have). She came with a stitch regulator which was a godsend to me when learning to machine quilt, and she has many features which have yet to be discovered.
It was only fitting that she should have a cover to be proud of, so thanks to a little inspiration from Martha she's all decked out. Instead of using a tea towel as Martha did, I pieced together some linen and cotton. The center fabric is Amy Butler's Wallflower in Mustard. It is from her Lotus collection and is the same fabric that I used for the curtains in this room.

And because we all need to have a fun little pincushion when we're sewing, I bought this pear on Etsy from a seller named Ginpins. Her work is beautiful, original, and meticulously done.

Take a peek at this new design she has for sale. She calls it the Woodland Pincushion. Very nice.


  1. Ginpins has some very lovely items in her shop. I have a few of her ceramic pieces. She is so talented.

  2. Lovely blog Laura! I am smitten with the stylish sewing machine cover---as well as your wonderful orange cats! Thanks very much for the mention, I'm very honored :D


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