January 1, 2009

Yesterday and Today

Today..... I can't help it. I love lists.
And speaking of lists, here's the format I'm thinking about for this blog:
  • Monday - New Recipes
  • Tuesday - Corners of My Home
  • Wednesday - In The Studio
  • Thursday - Thrift Finds
  • Friday - Simplifying, Organizing, or Healthy Living Ideas
  • Saturday/Sunday - Miscellaneous

Thursday Thrift Finds:

I'm not a big mall shopper, in fact I don't really enjoy it at all. What I do love though is finding beautiful, previously loved items and incorporating them into our home. To me, they generate a warmth and interest that can't always be achieved with newly purchased items. Thankfully, hubby is kind enough to tolerate my habit even though he doesn't share in the thrifting love.

This set of dishes is my newest acquisition. It practically jumped off the shelf and into my arms. It's made by Homer Laughlin and is the Nautilus Gardenia pattern. Give me the Goodwill over Nordstrom any day of the week!

I love how the dishes look with this tablecloth, from a previous thrifting trip. It was in need of a little tender loving care along the hemlines, but it's now good as new - well better than "new".

This little retro jelly jar is made by Ball and has the name "Quilted Crystal" on the bottom. I think I'll keep it in my sewing room for storing little accessories. I'm in love.