July 17, 2009

Care For A Tour?

Our potager garden came to life thanks to much inspiration from this book, the gardens of Williamsburg, and a very talented hardscape designer who helped to make our vision a reality. It's a place where we grow herbs, tomatoes, strawberries and lots and lots of flowers. The garden houses a hodge podge of things planted together in a messy sort of way, but it's contained in a very orderly fashion so it's pleasing to the eye. I thought I'd take you on a tour today and show you what's in bloom.
The planting area is surrounded on all sides by a small stone wall and fence. It's a very managable size, just big enough to grow a little and share a little.
There are four quadrants in the center, divided by a brick pathway that's been laid on a base of sand. These quadrants are four feet by eight feet and are filled with basil, garlic chives, parsley, oregano, rosemary, lemon balm, melon sage, dill, tomatoes, and a variety of annual and perennial flowers.
The perimeter of the garden contains more flowers, a bucket of mint, strawberries, peonies, boxwood, and a row of thyme.
I love to fiddle with the garden in the very early morning when the birds are chirping and the temperature is still cool. There's always something to do :: a little watering, a little deadheading, some harvesting and always some stepping back and admiring the miracle of nature.
Do you remember these? Well they are just growing and blossoming all over the place. There are White Coneflowers: and Mexican Sunflowers:
and Foxglove:
and Purple Coneflowers:
and Delphinium:
and several others that weren't captured in today's photos. We've had fun playing in the garden this summer and look forward to seeing what comes back next year. I hope you enjoyed wandering around with me and be sure to help yourself to a strawberry or two on your way out.


  1. That looks so peaceful and I bet it smells absolutely amazing!

  2. Wow! I'm in UK and have an allotment that I struggle to find time for. Your garden is so inspirational.

  3. I'm jealous! Just Beautiful!

  4. I love your layout and how neat and tidy it all is. Gorgeous photos.

  5. I just started my potager. Your garden is such a inspiration. I love it!

  6. wow o wow.. just beautiful!

  7. Hi Laura,

    I don't know how many of our Williamsburg Gardensheds we have sold to date now, each one as special as the next. But I have to say, your is about as picturesque and as perfect a setting as I can imagine. My personal building on my property should look as nice! Really, your is just perfect. It's obvious that this project has been a labor of love for you.

    Owner-Designer, Gardensheds, Inc.

  8. Super beautiful...what a mega-gorgeous adventure to stroll through your charming realm!
    Beautiful! Shine on!


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