March 26, 2009


I have a friend who loves to shop. She. Really. Loves. To. Shop. The idea of thrift shopping, however, sent shivers down her spine. Well, several months ago I persuaded her to go thrift shopping with me (there was lunch involved). She was the biggest spender of the day, but she still didn't like the thought of thrift shopping at all (that day was just a fluke). Since then she and I have thrifted together on several occassions. We browse, make our purchases, and return to the car. She whips out the anit-bacterial hand cleanser before I can get my seat belt buckled. On Tuesday we went thrifting again and do you know what she said???? She said, "I'd like to do this twice a month". Twice a month!! I'm going to call that a victory. I found this fabulous vintage sheet that someone made into a coverlet by adding trim around the edges. She thought I was kidding when I added it to my "purchase pile". I wasn't kidding. And these are from a thrifting trip a few weeks ago: The cross-stitch picture was ninety-nine cents! It is stitched on linen. On the back it says Made (By) Rose Miller, 1934. I'd love to know more about Rose, like where she lived and how old she was when she made it. Was it hanging in her home or did she make it for a friend? What did her home look like and did she make quilts too? I picture her working on this while her laundry was drying on the line and bread was baking in her oven. I guess I'll never know for sure, but it's fun to imagine. And these Pyrex salt and pepper shakers definitely make my heart sing. They match my favorite mugs and fit right in with the golds and greens in my home. And by the way, my friend is now sporting a "new to her" Ralph Lauren handbag. Victory.

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  1. Those salt and pepper shakers are the best! I collect that pattern, too. I have the butter dish, some mugs and the nesting mixing bowls. What a great find!


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