March 9, 2009

In The Works

There's lots of "makin" going on here at Lulabelle's View today. Everything is in the works right now and will be completed tomorrow. I'm enjoying a warm cup of Tazo Wild Sweet Orange tea while I chop, measure and blend.
The recipes are super healthy and are from a raw food web site that I visit often. They are new to me and I'll be serving them at "girls night" tomorrow evening. Let's hope they taste delicious!
And this is a gift that I'm working on. Mum's the word! I'll post more details when everything's complete.

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  1. Looks yummy! I too have been doing lots of baking lately. I've started making my own bread, and it's been great fun. And yesterday, I found a recipe for Moroccan mint tea on It was so comforting on a cold day here!! Can't wait to see your finished project!!


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