February 4, 2009

In The Studio :: Pillows

I've been working on some pillows for the couch in our basement. Nothing complicated, just strips of fabric sewn together and quilted with straight lines. The fabric is the same as in this table runner with the addition of the blue and brown that's on top of the scrap pile. I have a couple of accent pillows that I'll be pairing these with and they are a solid in that same blue.
:: For My Non-Quilting Friends ::

The photo above shows the front of one of the pillows that has been sandwiched together with quilting pins. There are three layers: the front stripped piece, a piece of cotton batting, and a piece of thrifted white cotton sheeting. These three layers will be machine quilted together to make the front piece for the pillow. Here's how it looks after quilting the straight lines and removing the pins:

And here's how the underside looks after it was quilted:

Now the edges need to be trimmed and the front piece will be finished. The next step will be to join this front piece to the back so the pillow form can be inserted.

See how fun that is? It almost makes you want to start quilting, doesn't it??