February 3, 2009

Corners of My Home :: Spices

I keep my spices on the inside of the pantry door. It's convenient since it's just a few steps away from the stove. They are in alphabetical order so I can easily find them, but I secretly wish that they were all in the same type of container. Like this one:
I like everything about this one :: the glass jar :: the pretty green lid :: the simple label.

Usually, I get rid of the little plastic shaker piece because I'm not a free spirit with my spices. I'm a measurer. How about you? How do you store your spices? Are you a measurer or a shaker? Do you like to alphabetize or not? Are your spices all in the same type of container? If not, do you wish they were?

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  1. I wish I had a better display for my spices. And I, too, wish I had matching jars. I've used my labelmaker to make labels for the caps of some of my spices, since I can see the tops of them easier than I can the jars. It's not pretty, but it helps me find them quicker.

    I bought a pretty oval glass bowl from Ikea last week, and 2 bags of pretty polished river stones. Then I bought 4 forced hyacinth bulbs, rinsed the dirt off, and put them in the bowl with the rocks. It's made a wonderful (and inexpensive!)display, and the hyacinths are just starting to bloom.


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