February 2, 2009

Bear With Me

Please bear with me as I continue to celebrate. Today is our official wedding anniversary and I am married to a pretty amazing man. I won't get all mushy with details here :: you'll just have to trust me on that one.
When it comes to exchanging gifts, we're not very fancy. We usually keep it pretty simple and tend to like it that way. For example, this was a gift I gave to hubby several years ago:

It's a cream whipper. It was the perfect gift for him since he can't possibly imagine eating a piece of pie without whipped cream. I, on the other hand, am not that impressed with whipped cream and would rather skip those calories and apply them to something else. Until today that is, when I came across this recipe :: Chocolate Whipped Cream II. It's nice.....very nice.

I know it's nice because I tasted it. I had to make sure it was good. Hubby's still at work so it's our little secret that I'm serving strawberries with chocolate whipped cream for dessert.

:: Shhhhhhhhhhhh ::