February 27, 2009


Color blindness runs in our family. My brother is color blind, but as a young girl I didn't really give it much thought. Our son was probably two years old when I knew for sure that he had inherited the trait. He doesn't like red peppers in his meals :: to him they look black. Geography class always posed a problem :: he had difficulty distinguishing the color key. And Lite Brite? We had our own little system of labeled ziploc baggies so he could determine which peg to insert. It's a safety issue as well. When driving, it's the position of the green light that he sees not the green light itself. I've always wondered how the world looks through his eyes.
If I had to choose one thing in life that inspires me most I would, without a doubt, choose color. Color catches my attention and and makes me smile. Bright white fluffy clouds against a deep blue sky can take my breath away. A room painted in a warm tone makes me feel as though I'm wrapped in a cozy blanket or snuggling with someone special. Seeing the flowers in springtime can change the tone of any day to absolute perfection. A new line of fabric - well, we won't even go there. But the colors of a crisp fall day :: there's nothing in the world that compares.

These photos were taken last October at this fabulous retreat center.