January 20, 2009

In The Kitchen

Here's a little glimpse into one corner of my kitchen. What's that hanging on the doorknob you ask? Why it's an apron. One of a group of seven that I ordered from ebay. They came from a lady who said she just didn't need them anymore. Some required a little repair, they all needed a good soaking and then a starching and pressing so they could hang proudly. I like to rotate them to add some color and cheerfulness to my kitchen. This one is a favorite of mine :: I like the color and the scalloped edge :: I think Molly likes it too.

And did you see the wooden spoons? My dad made them. He made them! Aren't they fabulous? I remember them hanging in the dining room when I was growing up. Right now they are hanging with quilting pins (sorry Dad) but my vision is to replace the pins with some handmade iron pegs/nails that are just the right size :: do you know where to find handmade iron pegs/nails?

And here's another little corner of my kitchen.

I'll need to peel and freeze those bananas today so they'll be all ready for my favorite breakfast shake . And the avocados are going to become Avocado Orange Soup from the Moosewood Restaurant Celebrates cookbook. It's a "new to me" recipe so I'll let you know how it turns out.