January 3, 2009


I don't remember how old I was when I first learned to crochet, but I do know that two very patient ladies, Mom and Nana, were the ones who taught me. I don't do a lot of crocheting today, but every now and then I'll get the itch. It's a cozy little hobby - one that I thoroughly enjoy. This afghan was made using Lion Brand's Wool-Ease. The colors are Fisherman, Avacado, and Seaspray. It was a nice yarn to work with and it's completely washer/dryer friendly. As you can see from the photo, frequent washing and drying is going to be important :).


  1. what pattern is that? It's adorable!

  2. Thanks Debbie! I didn't use a pattern for this afghan. I just kind of did my own thing with double crochet. If you want to know more details send me an email and I'll try to remember exactly how I did it.


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