September 14, 2012

Bottomless Salad

The salad table's overflowing with greens.  Yay!  We harvested a basketful of leaves and enjoyed his-and-her salads with dinner a few evenings ago.  Sprinkled on his salad are roasted pepitas using this recipe for flavoring.  The spices are just right and the end result was so nice and crunchy.

The potager garden has visitors now who've been dining on two types of kale.  I'd better get some fencing in place soon or the garden kale chips of my dreams aren't going to become a reality.   They're my all-time favorite snack these days (well, maybe tied with apples and sun butter). I've been experimenting a little, using coconut oil and aminos.  Two batches so far this week and maybe a third today.  Is it possible for one to overdose on kale?

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