May 15, 2012

Wait Until Mother's Day

It's hard to follow the rule sometimes.  You know the one...wait until Mother's Day for plants that aren't cold hardy.  We've been over zealous before, with not-so-great results.  

So we waited, and then spent Sunday afternoon filling containers with tried and true plants we'll enjoy until frost.  We will water them daily, do a tiny bit of deadheading, and tell them how beautiful they are.  They'll provide us with joy for the next five months.  It's a wonderful arrangement.

The window boxes got a face lift this year.  They're six years old and not faring as well as we'd hoped.  They were rusty, discolored, and even losing their bottoms.  Here's what they looked like last year...

....and with a little bit of elbow grease and a can of our favorite paint, here's what they look like now.  It's the same paint we used for these two projects, but instead of spraying we used the brush-on version.  I can't say enough about this paint.  The texture is so nice, resulting in a beautifully professional finish every time.

Oh, and the best part?  You paint right over the rust.  No sanding required.