December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve :: It's Here

Well here we are.  It's Christmas Eve.  Our family will begin celebrating in about five hours and I'm kicking my feet up for a bit.  A few things that seemed important yesterday, have fallen off the To-Do list today.  I'm good with it.  During this holiday season I .......

sewed one gift (details to come)

discovered these fun little treats (great for topping off mini-chocolate mousse desserts)

spent a day baking with my niece who's home from college

Used the last of our gift wrap and turned to my vintage linen stash
The kids are on their way and we'll spend some time in the kitchen before heading to our family gathering.  We changed things up a bit this year, asking each person to bring an appetizer or some type of finger food.  I'm making these warm and comforting sandwiches on potato rolls.  The guys like them.

Our family members range in age from fifteen to ninety-four so we try to keep the evening fun for all.  This year our gift exchange will be held auction style.  We're making our own rules, but found lots of great ideas here.  I'm adding one silly gift to the mix, just to keep everyone laughing.  Mums the word.

Thank you for visiting, friends. 
Happy Holidays!