November 30, 2011

The Decorating Puzzle

We brought the Christmas tree up from the basement on Saturday.   It's not trimmed yet but the soft white lights are bringing me lots of joy.  It's the first thing I do each morning before the sun comes up :: plug in the tree and watch it sparkle.

The tree sits in front of our Great Room window and replaces a table that usually calls that space home.  The table was moved to the dining room where it will live during the Christmas season.  There was a bench in the dining room where the table now sits.  The bench found a new home at the dining room table.  I had to move two chairs in order for the bench to fit in.  All this excitement inspired me to play with the fireplace mantle.  An old thrifted suitcase and a featherweight sewing machine seemed like a good fit for now. Decorating's just like piecing a puzzle, isn't it?  One thing leads to another.........