October 19, 2011

Happy Things

This little face makes me happy.  It's very serious and intense.  If he were human he'd be lacking a sense of humor but would be extremely kind and sensitive.  He's adamant the bed should never be made and somehow appears at the exact moment I try.  Today was no exception.

Pumpkins, gourds, and sunlight are happy things as is this beautiful season called Fall.

Studying under a quilt with a kitty at my feet makes me happy.  This one doesn't have a serious bone in her body.  She's super-sweet, a little clumsy, and definitely Daddy's girl.

And you know what else is happy?  The process of making a quilt.  Another quilt.  Even though you already have quite a few in progress.  Yes, sometimes starting a new project...and working on it in little snippets of time when you need a break from studying...is a very happy thing.