July 16, 2011

The Other Garden

There's a garden growing here :: one that I haven't shared with you before.  It doesn't require watering or weeding, and there are absolutely no spiders, Japanese beetles, or mosquitos involved.  Beautiful flowers are growing in this garden.  It's a community effort, tended by a group of very talented ladies.  Each petal of every flower is being lovingly created by hand.  Our guild is making a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.

There are five of us on the planning committee and we've had a ball choosing fabric, cutting squares, and packaging kits to distribute.  We're using this technique to make our individual hexagons.

Our guild is fairly young and our numbers are still small, but in one month's time we've "grown" seventeen flowers for our Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt.  Each center is a beautiful buttery yellow with the exception of five red-centered flowers to mix it up a bit. We chose a collection of fabric called Pom Pom De Paris for the petals and then added a layer of bone Kona cloth to the outer edge.  The little pile of green you see below will become the garden path.  For that we are using sweet pea.  How fitting :: sweet peas in the garden.   :)

So when the temperature's soaring on a mid-summer day you can be sure to find me in the garden....the other garden.

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