June 20, 2011

Fabric Gift Wrap

I've been playing with grosgrain ribbon, vintage sheets and linen.  Quick and easy projects are so rewarding, and this one has the added bonus of being friendly for the environment.

Inspired by the wrapping cloth in this book and the Japanese wrapping cloth known as furoshiki, I created my own fabric gift wrap.  Here's how it was done:

  • sew two square pieces of fabric right sides together leaving an opening to turn
  • turn and press
  • hand sew opening closed
  • tack a piece of ribbon (long enough for tying) to center back with just a few stitches
It's that simple.  Now you're ready to wrap.

If you don't own a sewing machine or don't care to sew, hankies are perfect for wrapping small items.

Here, a watch box was wrapped using a vintage floral handkerchief.   You can vary the size of your "furoshiki" for larger items and this tutorial shows creative methods for wrapping wine bottles, melons, books, and gifts of all shapes and sizes.

 I have a thing for vintage hankies.  I think I'm in love.