April 22, 2011

Much Ado About Grosgrain

I'm not much of a ribbon and lace kind of girl.  Frilly really isn't my thing.  It's very beautiful and I certainly have an appreciation for it, but simple feels more comfortable to me.  That said, there's something about grosgrain (the texture maybe) that makes my heart skip a beat.

Wednesday, a friend and I took a little field trip to a nearby ribbon outlet.  My basket and I got carried away :: we couldn't help ourselves.  There were piles and piles of gorgeous spools in different widths and colors.  And the price?  Practically free.  Seriously.

Once home, all plans for housework, laundry, and dinner too (if I'm being completely honest) fell by the wayside.  What to do with ribbon became the focus of the evening.  Who knew playing with grosgrain could be so much fun?

There are a few nice tutorials out there and I'll share them with you soon.  Right now though, Easter eggs are boiling and there's a bookshelf patiently waiting to be painted.