May 9, 2011

Snippets of Mother's Day Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend in our neck of the woods :: filled with family, food and gardening fun.

We met the kids for dinner Saturday evening at a little organic restaurant about an hour from home.  And because one can accomplish quite a bit while sitting in the car for an hour, I brought my hexagons along.

After a relaxing dinner and lots of nice conversation, we shared this beautiful dessert sampler.  It was the perfect way to end our meal :: not too much :: just little bites of special homemade treats.  My favorite was the baklava ice cream, a vanilla base with chunks of baklava mixed in.  

After dinner we strolled through town for just a bit.  This restaurant's patio is so charming.  It's jam-packed with plants and has a fountain too.  I snapped a few photos and am dreaming of transforming my deck to achieve this feel.

Sunday was lovely too.  My mom (she's the best) and I spent the morning at our local nursery.  Once home, hubby and I worked on the window boxes.  He prepares the soil and I plant.  We make a great team if I do say so myself :)

And what better way to end the day?  A glass of wine on the back patio.....

and an absolutely gorgeous sunset.  A lovely weekend indeed.