February 3, 2011

Twenty One

Hubby and I celebrated our twenty-first wedding anniversary yesterday.  It was a simple, quiet celebration :: just the way we like it.  A few special goodies for dinner, a gorgeous bouquet of flowers, a glass of wine and a bit of candlelight.  

We reminisced a little about our wedding day, trying to recall the exact time our ceremony began.  It was six-thirty on an unusually warm February day.  And we chuckled a little about our "style" that was captured in the wedding photo.  I had big hair (really big hair) and hubby wore big glasses (really big glasses).  I had a three-year-old son who wore the cutest little tuxedo.  He joined us on an unconventional weekend honeymoon at the beach and Hubby immediately embraced him as his own :: amazing.  We got a call from our son last night.  In his fun-loving way he said, "Hi Mom, what are we doing for our anniversary?".  

I sure do love those two.

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  1. Happy Anniversary and congratulations of 21 wonderful years. Your son is a dear.


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