February 23, 2011

Simple Pleasures

Our home was built using a plan we found in a magazine.  We immediately fell in love and tucked the photo away, never once imagining we'd ever really build.  The plan had an interior kitchen which means there would be no window to the outside world.  I spent many hours thinking of how it would feel to stand at the sink and look at a solid wall.  Somehow it just didn't feel right to me.  I guess I'm a dreamer, and there's something about looking through a window while doing everyday tasks.

Years after that photo was tucked away, we ended up building our labor of love.  We modified the plan a bit, and put a pseudo window over the sink.  It opens the room and gives us a lovely view.

We have a nice deep window sill which turns out to be the perfect spot for a vase filled with fresh flowers.  It's become one of my simple pleasures each weekend, choosing just the right flowers to display.

I've made a little deal with myself to keep my purchase under five dollars.  I prefer the bunch to contain all like flowers and an old blue mason jar is my vase of choice.

I'm not picky about the type of flower :: it's kind of fun to enjoy a little variety from week to week.  I must say though, the white Hydrangea have been my favorite so far.

So each week, for the last few months, I've looked forward to gracing my window with a bit of nature's beauty.  I just love my view from the inside looking out...

and from the outside looking in.  A simple pleasure I plan to continue for sure.

Today I'm Smiling....
because I think I've found a dress to wear to our son's wedding.