January 27, 2011

Snow Days Rock

Snow days are the only time I can turn my head to chores that need doing without any guilt whatsoever.  Snow days rock.

No chores for me.  I've been organizing digital photos all day :: photos that must have piled up when I wasn't looking.  I took a break here and there to knit a few rows on my Honey Cowl (while sitting in bed with a kitty on either side).  

I'm quite sure I haven't burned a single calorie yet today.  Well, I did get up and walk around a few times to look out the window and make sure it was still a snow day.  It was. 

On this snow day I drank two tomatoes, six carrots, four celery stalks, half a cucumber, and a chunk of yellow pepper.  And it was really good.

Snow days rock.