December 29, 2010

Heat Therapy Bags For Christmas

This cold and windy weather inspired me to make a few heat therapy bags to keep my loved ones warm.  I used this tutorial from Sew Mama Sew but instead of filling them with rice, I used feed corn as explained here.  They are so easy and fun to make :: just sew an inside bag to hold the filler and a pretty bag to slip it into and you're finished!

I purchased a 50-pound bag of corn from our local farm store.  It's been cleaned and screened and it costs next to nothing.  I used old feed sacks for the inside bags (I knew these would come in handy some day) and filled them with about four cups of corn.

Once filled and sewn closed, the filler bag gets microwaved a few times (I did several 3-minute intervals) to be sure no potential hatching of any kind occurs....ewww...let's not talk about that anymore.  The bag is wrapped in a towel to absorb moisture.

I let it cool on my cookie rack in between heating.  Isn't the sunshine pretty?

Instead of using sew-in Velcro, I used iron-on.  It only required 90 seconds of pressing and I like that there are no seam lines on the outside of the bag.  

It was fun to browse through the scrap bin and pair up fabric for this project and it worked up so quickly.  Speaking of scrap bins, mine is a big overflowing mess.  Can you guess what the next project will be?