September 23, 2010


Oh how I love Fall.

I wait all year for it to come.  No words can explain the feeling :: there's something surreal about it for me.  It's all about the crispness and the color and the energy.

It feels like summer today, even though it's officially the first day of Fall.  That's alright.   We can pretend.  I bought mini pumpkins yesterday to celebrate.  And right now I'm drinking a cup of pumpkin-spice flavored coffee with cinnamon sprinkled on top.  Are you feeling it?

Surely the first day of Fall is the perfect time to tell you about the sweater I'm knitting.   I'm still a struggling beginner so I chose a pattern that's tried and true. It's called the Shalom Cardigan and was designed by Meghan of Involving The Senses.  Over three thousand knitters on Ravelry have made this sweater and documented the details.  I'm precisely following the directions this time, but next time I'm going to add sleeves.  Amanda added sleeves and I really like the result.

My sweater is turning out to be a lesson in perseverance.  It's been started and re-started, and many mistakes have been made along the way.  I'm just about finished with the yoke now though, and ready to move on to the body.  Thanks to the Internet I've learned several new stitches and now know how to make a buttonhole.  It's progressing a row or two at a time and I think I'm becoming addicted.

And because it's Fall now, I think this last photo is perfectly appropriate.  I saw this spider on my basement floor and couldn't grab for a plastic cup fast enough. He's staying put until hubby comes home.........ewwww.


  1. Oh, moving up to a sweater, brave girl! I have not found the courage yet but hope to soon. Of course that hasn't stopped me from buying yarn for that 'someday' project ;) 'Shalom' is on my favorites list too, can't wait to see it when done. Pretty color too. Good luck with the spider!

  2. Love the colors of the yarn!
    That spider is huge!
    I posted on another entry that I would love to see more pictures of your fireplace. We will be installing a stone fireplace this fall (I cannot wait! Nothing says fall like a fire in the fireplace). If you could please share more pictures of your whole fireplace to show our contractor I would appreciate it! - Jen


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