July 21, 2010

A Stroll Through The Park

I didn't plan to be away so long.  Life's been busy and we're learning to use a new computer.  It's been nice, having a little blog vacation, but at the same time I've missed this special space.

I did a favor for a friend today.  That small favor changed the tone of my day in a big way.  I grabbed my camera, left a little early, and took a stroll through a nearby park.
It's been so hot and dry in our area.  The flowers are struggling and there's not much color to be found.  I'm all about color.  Finding beauty in the landscape takes some extra effort these days and a shift in thinking was in order this afternoon.
It only took a moment to notice the beautiful bark on the very old trees.  I'd never seen it before and I've been to this park time and time again.
There was beauty everywhere :: just a different kind of beauty.

In the distance, I spotted one little splash of color in a sea of brown and green.  

There were some residents seeking shade....
 and others enjoying the reflection of the trees in the lake.
 This little diversion was a peaceful one.  The kind that refuels and replenishes the soul.

 If you look closely at the tree trunk below, I think it might just make you smile.
 At least that's what happened to me.

I'll be in and out of this space sporadically for the next few weeks while I do a little housekeeping, but plan to be back on a more regular basis real soon.