June 16, 2010

Pure Goodness

Green smoothies have become a daily staple in our home.  The process, from start to finish, is very rewarding.  Come along, I'll show you how it goes.

First, we harvest some greens from the garden.  Right now we're snipping Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard and the last of the Romaine.    

Next, the greens are washed and torn into pieces.  The morning sun is streaming through the keeping room window :: so pretty.

This morning I'm making one of my favorite green smoothies.  It's super easy to do.  Into the blender put two cups of water, an apple, a frozen banana, about a cup of frozen mango chunks and two generous handfuls of Swiss Chard.  Beautiful, isn't it?


The remaining greens get stored for tomorrow.  Today I'm using my brand new produce bag.  It's a prototype I fiddled with last night.  The body of the bag is made with thrifted feed sack fabric and decorative fabric was added to the bottom just for fun and a little cheer.  I used what I had, so the drawstrings are made from vintage seam tape that's been in my stash for ages.  This bag gets dampened slightly and then stored in the produce drawer of the refrigerator so the greens stay nice and fresh. 

A short whirl of the blender and breakfast is ready.  Pure goodness.

Nice tutorials for drawstring bag inspiration:

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  1. Your Swiss chard looks gorgeous! Mine got nibbled by someone...I'm thinking deer. I've never thought about making a smoothie drink with it!

    I'd really like to know more about that produce storage bag. Does it really work?


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