May 19, 2010

Fun With Lettuce

Growing lettuce is the best! We're new at it this year and we'll definitely be including lettuce in our garden for years to come. I believe this is some type of Romaine. As it's been growing, I've been snipping and using the outer leaves. On Sunday, I decided to cut this entire head (it was hard to do because it looks so pretty in the garden bed).
A happy surprise was that our basement kitchen sink is absolutely perfect for washing produce. It's so convenient to the garden and plenty roomy. These gorgeous lettuce leaves were happy to hang out there while I tended to the rest of the garden.
And the best part? Preparing this lunch and sharing it at work on Monday. It's super healthy and very versatile. Just throw whatever veggies you have on hand into a bowl, mix in the two dressing ingredients (agave nectar and soy sauce), and spoon a dollop of the mixture onto a great big lettuce leaf. Wrap it up and dig in. Fresh and tasty :: Yum!