April 17, 2010

The Simple Things

Bringing me joy at the moment are my glass food storage containers. I've completely converted :: no plastic containers taking up space in my cabinet.
In addition to being better for our health, glass containers are so much prettier. See the two with decorative lids? My mom gave them to me and I just love them. My collection also contains mason jars in all shapes and sizes, and a variety of covered Pyrex pieces.
The uses are many :: storing leftovers, packing lunches, holding my morning smoothie, and storing dry goods. They're also great for packing up food to send to others. I'm quite possessive over my glass storage containers and have educated our son about the importance of returning them promptly.
I no longer have a problem with missing lids or piles of plastic tumbling out of the cabinet when I open the door. Everything stacks nicely and I can match the lid to the container in the wink of an eye.
My mason jars are stored in the mudroom closet. I prefer wide-mouth jars (they're easier to spoon in and out of) and the best part is that one-size lid fits all. This short and stout one is my favorite:
It's these simple things that make everyday life a little more special. Oh, and cupcakes too.


  1. Those decorative lids are gorgeous! I, too, have converted to glass. I just wish I had a place to store all my mason jars!

  2. Those are so pretty! Where do you find glass containers now? Are they all thrift store finds or is there a good source?

  3. Except for the two with the decorative lids, the glass refrigerator dishes were purchased at Kmart (I think they're made by Anchor Hocking) as were the mason jars. The colorful Pyrex casserole dishes were thrift finds. Happy collecting :)

  4. Thanks Laura! I found them! In honor of my new find I reorganized my entire cabinet and even laid down fresh shelf liner! It's a thing of beauty. Thanks for the inspiration!

  5. Funny how some fresh shelf liner and a little rearranging can be so uplifting, but it truly is. Enjoy your new cabinet space!!


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