January 1, 2010

From Where I Sit

No resolutions for me this year, just two words that were carefully chosen. Two words that will guide me through 2010. The first word is Breathe. Sometimes I forget to do that. The second word is Simplify. It's something I continue to work on. I started reflecting on these two words yesterday :: gentle reminders. This is good. Hubby and I stayed in last night and shared a relaxing evening together. It was the perfect way to celebrate the closing of another year. Today, a very special family is coming to visit. It's a little tradition we share with our friends and their three children. We have breakfast for dinner and everyone wears their pajamas. In the midst of buzzing around the house preparing for company I remembered to breathe and to sit down for a minute with my cup of tea. From where I sit, this is what I see. I'm soaking it all in, enjoying the moment and looking forward to the possibilities this new year brings. Wishing you a year filled with contentment and joy.